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Professional support and advice on staffing is no longer an extravaganza, but a necessity, as the dynamically changing labor market demands more flexibility from employers.                         Folga was estabilished to provide high quality workres' outsourcing services. We aspire to take advantage for our employees and customers with the benefits of working with our team at the same time.

We have partnered with people from the employee leasing industry to be able to lead our business with full professionalism.

From the beginning of our activity we are accompanied by the motto OUR PEOPLE YOUR SUCCESS. We believe that through constant care for the selection of our candidates and their sense of security, we can effectively support our customers on the road to success.

We are a countrywide company with extensive experience in recruiting skilled and unqualified workers in the food, service, automotive, construction and others sectors.

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We dispose employees from Ukraine, Belarus, Georgia, Uzbekistan and Asia, with direct access to the local labor markets in our offer for you. We recruit candidates who have a high commitment and determination on the assigned job.

We have a wealth of experience and a database of our employees with whom we maintain active contact and trust out of the other companies. This is of great importance in the delivery and / or exchange of employees.

We guarantee stability in employment and its long-term nature up to 3 years.


We employ an employee, we deal with all formalities. Settlement on the basis of hours worked. As part of our services we provide:

  • – legal employment of employees,
  • – limitation of employee turnover,
  • – medical and health and safety training,
  • – accommodation and commuting to work for employees,
  • – the bilingual coordinator’s care for workers,
  • – fixed hourly rate,
  • – timely payments of all of the taxes,
  • – paying remuneration within the set time limit,
  • – settlement for the service in the form of a VAT invoice.


We are professionally recruiting candidates strictly according to criteria. Such employee is employed directly by the customer. There is the opportunity to provide advice and assistance in the legalization of employment of recruited employees.


  • – cost optimization,
  • – saving time,
  • – flexibility,
  • – convenience and safety,
  • – personalization of the service,
  • – comfort and professionalism.

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Our company gives you the opportunity to work legally. We accept all people willing to work in different occupations.

We take care to make our job offers varied so that everyone can find something for themselves.


In Folga you can always count on:

  1. 1. Legal work
  2. 2. Attractive salary
  3. 3. Timely payment of salary
  4. 4. Very good accommodation
  5. 5. Apartment free of expense and commuting to work
  6. 6. Coordinator’s care with native language
  7. 7. Medical care
  8. 8. Work permit and extension of stay

Current job offers:

  1. 1. Intestines cleaners
  2. 2. Butchers
  3. 3. Seamstress
  4. 4. Sorter
  5. 5. Ready-made food maker
  6. 6. Mechanic
  7. 7. Welders
  8. 8. Drivers
  9. 9. Bakers

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