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We have been recruiting employees for many years. We are a nationwide company with extensive experience in drafting both qualified and unskilled employees.

First, various employment agencies that did not meet the expectations we experienced while being “on the other side” were not met by multiple employment agencies. Second, we realized that a lot could be improved in the Polish recruitment world. Therefore, we decided to treat it as a challenge. Hence the idea of creating your own employment agency. One that thinks about each client comprehensively. One that approaches each client and their needs individually.


The challenge has become a task that we pursue with passion all the time.

Which industries we recruit for





Although we are an employment agency that is not afraid of any challenge, we specialize in specific industries. For example, recruiting employees in the following sectors: food, service, automotive, and construction is our specialty – we know these industries inside out! However, we have a very flexible, customer-tailored offer, and we can direct it to the customer of any industry. Check what we offer to employers and potential employees.

We perfectly understand the needs of employers, keeping in mind what employees expect.

We support employees at every stage of work and at all times thanks to the employee hotline that we have launched.

We answer questions, explain reported problems or irregularities.

Our mission


An employment agency is primarily people and this is what we focus on from the very beginning. Our goal is to ensure maximum comfort for both parties – both for the company that is looking for the right employees and for the candidates who are looking for their dream job. We always try to ensure that each of our clients derives not only benefits, but also inspiration from cooperation with our team.


FOLGA means new standards in the field of employee outsourcing.

our people your success


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