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    Andrzej Shary | 2021-06-27

    I am very grateful to the agency for their support and understanding. Thanks for the help.
    Walentyna Ternowaja | 2021-03-22

    My husband and I came to Poland via Folga. You can always solve any question or problem. Special thanks for the professionalism and sensitivity of recruiters. More such employees and the company will always be in the first place.
    Ania Mołodecka| 2021-03-20


    I really want to thank the Folga employees. Coming to Poland for the first time, without knowing anything and losing jobs, despairing, they responded to my request for help. Thanks again for your kindness and honesty!!!
    Lesia Snigacz | 2021-03-17


    Good company, high salaries, registration of documents at the highest level, coordinators are good, help with any questions.
    Andriy Hnativ | 2021-02-25

    I have been working with Folga for almost a year. I have been in various agencies, I am sure that I was lucky with them. Most agencies post jobs that they don’t know about, but Folga is one of the few companies that works diligently. My coordinator and other staff have a lot to offer and have a good understanding of our needs and requirements.
    Anatol | 2021-02-23

    I have been working with the agency for the two year now. The staff is friendly and caring. They always listen and meet my wishes. I am paid in full and on time.
    Bogdana Gurzhiy | 2021-02-20

    I am very grateful to the agency for their support and understanding. Thanks for the help.
    Valentina Ternovaya | 2021-02-19

    A good company, polite coordinators, always in touch, help in all matters, formalities at the highest level.
    Olha Syniavitska | 2021-02-19

    It is probably the best company on the work market in Poland. An excellent and well-coordinated team, individual approach to each employee, professionalism of employees breaks all records.
    Sebastian Pareiro | 2021-02-15

    A relative found a job through this agency, enough hours, salary on time, contact with the coordinator is good.
    Mykyta Morus | 2021-02-16