Lodging and accommodation for your employees

The idea for the development of this wing was born almost naturally and is the result of our experience in the HR industry.


The constant increase in the number of employees from abroad has created a demand for staff housing. It is estimated that over the next few years, the number of foreigners wishing to work in Poland will increase several times over the next few years compared to today.

Employees, especially from the east, show high determination to work in Poland and neighboring countries. The main determinants of the decision to change the place of residence are better earnings. However, despite the great willingness to work, the conditions of accommodation assigned to them by companies that employ temporary workers often do not meet the basic housing requirements. Another problem faced by employees is the long commuting time. Usually, the way to work consists of several means of transport, which translates into lower efficiency of the employee at the workplace.

Staff accommodation in key locations in Poland


The estate is being built near the Łódź Special Economic Zone, an essential transport and industrial junction. The Łódź Special Economic Zone is one of the 14 functioning special economic zones in Poland. It is distinguished above all by the proximity to all important industrial centers. In total, over 9,000 employees work in the area of ​​the Łódź Special Economic Zone in Kutno. The location in the central part of the country allows for easy connection with other parts of the country. In addition to land connections, the Lodz Special Economic Zone area enables you to reach the workplace by air. One of the largest motorway junctions in Poland, which includes: the A1 motorway connecting the north of the country with its south and the A2 highway running from the east to the west of the country. The transport infrastructure of the Lodzkie Voivodship enables not only the transport of employees from the European continent and Asia and Africa. One of the further rail connections offered by the infrastructure is the connection between Łódź and a crucial Chinese communication junction – Chengdu.

The investment aims to provide the visiting employees with good living conditions, which are often lacking in employee quarters.


The estate will consist of 23 two-room houses for employees and one service and office building. In each of the 23 workers’ homes, there will be two flats with 13 beds each. Thus, the investment will be able to provide accommodation for 598 employees. In addition, the estate will have a grocery store and other amenities that allow employees to rest after a day at work. Furthermore, to ensure free access to news from the country and the world and the possibility of maintaining constant contact with loved ones, the estate will be available free Internet and terrestrial television.


Thanks to the proximity to the workplace, employees do not waste time on transport to and from their place of residence. Another advantage is the saving of expenses spent on the part of the employer for logistics purposes. However, very often, due to the complexity of the means of transport used to transport employees, these costs exceed the cost of accommodation, which is unprofitable from the employer’s perspective, and tiring from the employee’s perspective.



The investment will bring benefits not only to employees but also to their employers.


The close location of the workplaces to the workplace allows you to save time and costs resulting from the accommodation itself.


Thanks to many years of experience in employing employees from various regions of the world, we know the problems faced by employees in a foreign country, and we perfectly understand the needs of employers.

Two-family houses with a usable attic

kwatery pracownicze FOLGA A

A single semi-detached house contains two apartments. As a result of appropriate interior design, a single apartment will have 13 beds in 6 rooms – 3 double rooms, 2 3-person rooms and 1 single room. In total, up to 26 people will live in one building.

Usable surface: 166,56 m2

Total surface: 225,28 m2


Commercial house (two-family, two-story)

kwatery pracownicze FOLGA B

The house will have a service-administrative function. A grocery store will be located in the service premises on the ground floor, while the estate administrator’s rooms will be located on the first floor. As part of the construction of the estate, the surroundings will be contains of roads, pavements and lighting.

Usable surface: 218,64 m2

Total surface: 297,89 m2



Cheap accommodation close to the workplace saves time and reduces logistics expenses.

Employees are ready to work from the early morning hours. Quick and effective regeneration after completing the duties.

The guarantee of a place to sleep for your employees and a high standard of accommodation have a positive effect on the degree of satisfaction and willingness to continue working.