Legalization of work and residence of foreigners

Employing foreigners?
That's not a problem anymore!

Employing foreigners is not a problem when you trust professionals.

We have been acting as an intermediary in employing foreigners by Polish entrepreneurs for years. We assist in the recruitment process and efficiently and quickly legalize the stay and work of people from abroad. We do it both for internal needs – yes, we also employ foreigners – and on behalf of our clients. Our strengths are accuracy and precision in keeping records, punctuality, and flexibility – we approach each client individually.

Comprehensive operation

We act entirely comprehensively on behalf and for the benefit of the direct employer – usually, it is a legalization service using a power of attorney. We also conduct training on the principles of legalization and employment of foreigners and organize consultations for companies that need specific advice. These are both online consultations and direct support for people who employ foreigners.

Why is the legalization of employment of foreigners required?


People who come from other countries to our country must have appropriate permits to perform any gainful activity here legally. Therefore, companies employing foreigners in Poland should familiarize themselves with the provisions that regulate such activities as the legalization of work and stay. They are included in the Act of April 20, 2004, and June 15, 2012. We are aware that completing all formalities can be difficult, so we offer help. We will take care of all documents so that the legalization of employment of foreigners runs smoothly and per the regulations.


We try to take care of our clients, so we conduct training for companies offering work to foreigners in Poland. Appropriate knowledge in this topic allows for better preparation of the necessary documentation to authenticate the stay of foreigners. Furthermore, we provide advice online or by phone to administrative and human resources departments on legal provisions relating to foreigners.

Onboarding of employees from abroad

We constantly analyze internal processes to catch operational errors and thus improve the quality of our services. We believe that in order to be successful in recruiting employees from abroad, it is necessary to collect opinions and at the same time be assessed by others, as it helps to improve the entire process.

That is why we are able to prepare a clear and attractive job offer for each of our clients, as well as create and translate documents and conduct basic training so that they are understandable to employees from Ukraine. Thanks to this, our clients minimize the risk of rotation of employees from abroad and reduce costs caused by fluctuations of foreign personnel.

Onboarding pracowników z Ukrainy

We offer

Professional and comprehensive legalization care for employers

Training courses for companies employing foreigners

Keeping records in accordance with the requirements of the controlling authorities

Consultations (also online) on the legality of the stay of foreigners and their families in Poland

Support for human resources departments in the field of direct employment of foreigners


Security and legality guarantee at every stage of employment of foreigners in the client's company

Access to professional support from experienced specialists - practitioners

Lower costs - You don't need to maintain your own legal team

Transfer of responsibility for the legality of foreigners' work to an experienced external company

Our team consists of experienced legalization specialists. Every day we cooperate with the best lawyers, who work on matters related to the employment of foreigners. We are perfectionists - we constantly learn and grow in the field of amendments to legal regulations in order to better understand and solve our clients' problems. Striving for perfection also manifests itself in meticulous documentation. If necessary, we also offer our clients support in the control of the relevant legalization authorities.