Growth and savings for your company

The development of the company means more and more duties that must be taken care of.

It is worth considering entrusting some of the company’s processes to a professional company dealing with employee outsourcing. Our employees take over your duties with full responsibility.

Try & Hire

The labor market has become extremely dynamic. However, we want our clients to make the right decisions. The "Try & hire" option allows you to test the employee during the service provided by our company. If you want to hire an employee directly, it's depending on the agreed period of time.

It is one of the most modern and beneficial forms of recruiting staff. It allows you to check the qualifications and predispositions of an employee before hiring him permanently. It is a kind of combination of the advantages of employee leasing and recruitment and selection.



Employee outsourcing can bring a company many benefits on many levels. Below are a few of the most important advantages of this solution.

Organization of work

Employee outsourcing is not only about saving. Companies often improve internal processes in this way. Employees hired under an outsourcing contract are usually specialists qualified in a given field, who do not need to be trained and instructed. This has a positive effect on the organization of activities within the enterprise. In addition, it is a quick adjustment of the size of employment to the company’s current needs without unnecessary rotation of employees.

No recruitment required

This aspect is actually a combination of the above. A company that decides to outsource employees can save funds that would have to be spent on the recruitment process. At the same time, it does not have to delegate workers who would have to carry out this process. The uncertainty related to hiring a new employee is also eliminated. The company has a guarantee that the employed person has the appropriate qualifications to perform the outsourced activities. The employee is constantly monitored by an outsourcing company.


A company that uses an outsourcing firm does not have to worry about formalities related to, for example, the legalization of work and acommodation of foreigners. For this, he is sure that an employee who does not meet the expectations will be replaced immediately. An additional advantage is that employees hired under an outsourcing contract may have extended working hours – up to 12 hours a day.

Cost reduction

The company does not need to hire additional employees, nor does it bear the costs of recruiting and training employees. In the case of companies dealing with e.g. accounting, it does not have to invest in equipment and the entire technical base.


Cost reduction

Shared responsibility

Focus on core business


Product and service quality improvement

Increased competitiveness

Access to professional knowledge and experience

Time savings for management staff

How we work

Submission of an inquiry

Fill in the form or contact us by phone or e-mail - we will call you back and arrange a meeting date

Meeting, audit and analysis of needs

We will discuss the terms and model of cooperation, we will establish guidelines, and verify the needs and expectations

Preparation of terms of cooperation

Based on the analysis, we develop an individually tailored solution for your company

Establishment of cooperation

We will sign a contract, appoint a supervisor for your company, and start a successful cooperation

We believe that taking care of both employers and employees are factors that contribute to our joint success. Our offer of employee outsourcing responds to the needs of companies struggling with the notorious shortage of staff, as well as to companies that, due to dynamic growth, need an urgent inflow of employees for any position.

We are proud to support the growth of our clients, we will also be happy to participate in the success of your company.