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Employee outsourcing at an unearthly level

We learned about the concept of employee outsourcing many years ago from the “other side”. We used the services of many employment agencies that did not fully meet our expectations. The growing needs in the HR industry convinced us to create an employment agency unlike any other. Our agency is built on the foundation of our experience as a client. That is why our employee outsourcing is a balance between the needs of employers and the expectations of employees. FOLGA offers endless possibilities for both of these groups.


We understand the needs of employers, keeping in mind what employees expect.


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Temporary employment agency

We offer outsourcing of employees from Ukraine and other eastern countries. The basis of our services is both the recruitment and legalization of the stay of foreigners in Poland.


We know that the formalities related to the employment of foreigners can be difficult, which is why we try to help both companies and foreigners themselves. Outsourcing, recruitment and temporary work for employees, incl. from Ukraine are our daily challenges. Therefore, we know how to act so that both parties (the company and the candidate seeking employment) are satisfied with the actions we take.


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We are proud to support the development of our clients, we will be happy to participate in the success of your company. Check out the universe of our possibilities.

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    FOLGA recruitment agency
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    The constantly growing needs of the HR industry require a modern and individual approach to each client. That is why FOLGA was created, thanks to which we can effectively respond to the changing realities of the labor market in Poland and abroad. We direct our offer to both potential employees and employers. We know from our own experience what obstacles our customers face, because we have gone through this process many times. We perfectly understand their needs and try to meet various challenges. Find out more about our employment agency.


    The employment agency is, above all, the maximum convenience for an entrepreneur. For the company, commissioning employee outsourcing to professionals avoids creating new jobs related to HR. Instead, the company can focus on cost optimization, expanding its offer, and broadly understanding development. We encourage you to contact our experts or use the intuitive job search engine.

    Modern communication between the employer and the employee

    Recruiters’ and jobseekers’ expectations can vary considerably from time to time. That is why more and more companies decide to delegate recruitment processes to professional employment agencies. FOLGA comes with help – our goal is to help you find common points and create a platform for modern communication. We are an employment agency utterly different from the others. Thanks to many years of experience in the HR industry, we perfectly understand the needs of employers, keeping in mind the expectations of employees. Thanks to our strategy, the recruiter ceases to be just another entrepreneur looking for a workforce, but becomes a partner who wants to support the development of his staff, and at the same time, care for the comfort of each of its members. Candidates are guaranteed, above all, honesty, which is the basis for ties with the workplace and a high level of satisfaction.

    Search for an offer that meets your expectations

    Searching for a job is a highly tiring process, especially if you do not have specific requirements or are not fully aware of the trends prevailing on the market. This activity, often associated with stress and unnecessary frustration, will turn out to be more pleasant thanks to a transparent search engine. In our candidate area, you can browse the offers among many attractive offers and choose the ones that best suit your expectations. Our intuitive search engine will allow you to select criteria such as the target job, industry, or position. In addition, our proposed aesthetic layout and straightforward form of the presented content will certainly facilitate browsing the offers and thus making a decision.

    Before applying for a given position, each interested party wants to know detailed information on the conditions offered. Thanks to this, he saves his time, which would have to be spent on interviews with the recruiter without this knowledge. On the website of our employment agency, we have introduced a simple, clear division into individual criteria, so you will easily find the content you are interested in. Thus, before you send your CV, you will find out what working conditions await the future employee, and you will be able to better prepare for a possible job interview. These criteria include:

    • responsibilities,
    • salary,
    • basic and additional requirements for the future employee,
    • work system (for example, shift work and their length),
    • type of contract.

    Send us your CV and find your dream job

    Not everyone has the time or the opportunity to browse dozens of offers every day. It also happens that the unemployed are not fully aware of their skills and appreciate their potential. It is for these people that FOLGA offers the option of providing your CV. Our specialists with experience in conducting recruitment will analyze your professional profile, qualifications, and abilities, and then present you with an individually tailored offer. We will contact you, and together we will find advertisements in line with your expectations. Both people trained in a given profession and less experienced and even novice candidates can count on help in looking for a job. Thus, we can offer an exciting offer to everyone. Check what recruitment is currently in progress.

    Take care of the stability of employment in your company with us

    The modern market is sometimes referred to as the candidate market, which means additional challenges for each employer. It is more difficult to find trusted employees who are ready to take up employment in a short time. Our comprehensive services will help to relieve recruiters from the detailed monitoring of changing trends and thus facilitate the recruitment of employees.

    Our recruitment agency also guarantees the care of a project coordinator, who will help efficiently organize the recruitment, complete all formalities and plan the division of duties. We keep an eye on the validity of given permits or medical examinations. We check the need for training and inform employees about it, if necessary. As a result, employers save valuable time, which they can use to transfer knowledge to their team and to control the fulfillment of assigned tasks. Our actions also help to reduce employee rotation between companies thanks to reliable recruitment. Additionally, we provide HR and payroll services and take over responsibility before controlling institutions.

    Searching for the right employee is often also a long process that takes a lot of time. The protracted period of a vacant position proves to be very problematic and can lead to financial losses. An essential advantage of using the services of our employment agency is the possibility of acquiring employees almost overnight, which allows you to implement them to your duties quickly.

    Reliable employment agency

    Entrusting your own data or the recruitment process to an external company is associated with a high responsibility. Our specialists will take care of the confidentiality of sensitive information and thus guarantee professional service. At work, we value reliability, which is why we always fulfill our obligations on time and treat each client equally. Our honesty and professionalism are confirmed by our membership in organizations such as the Association of Employment Agencies.

    We operate following the applicable Code of Conduct of its members, observing ethics in every aspect of our business. All this means that you can entrust us with your data, goals, and time without fear. We have extensive experience in acquiring employees, both qualified and unskilled. The entire process will run smoothly, but above all safely, without any complications that could effectively discourage you from taking up employment. We are distinguished by the ability to work with people and for people, good and at the same time free contact with potential employees and a careful look at each case with which you report to us.

    Discover interesting positions among dozens of offers


    Thanks to our search engine, you can find the most exciting ads in various areas, such as production, sales, recruitment, accounting, food, service, automotive, and construction sectors. We care about the comfort of our clients, which is why we help them to complete all formalities, and we take care of safe brokerage. The proposals include both popular positions and rare vacancies. Thanks to this, everyone will choose a job suited to them. All you need to do is send us your CV, enter the name of your dream profession into the search engine or browse through dozens of attractive offers on our website. We encourage you to use our services both for people looking for a temporary employment agency, as well as for all those wishing to find employment for a more extended period. The employers we work with offer various types of contracts – for a job, orders, or specific work.

    Temporary employment in Poland - advantages

    Employment stability is an essential aspect of our business. From the employer’s perspective, it means maintaining adequate performance in a given position, even if there is a regular replacement of employees. For an employed person, such a situation brings numerous benefits related to the stability of earnings and, at the same time, greater flexibility. There are many sectors of the economy where temporary work turns out to be an essential aspect of functioning. The employment agency will take over some of the obligations that would result from the need to employ employees under an employment contract. We ensure compliance with the labor law so that none of our clients feel aggrieved or unfairly treated. It is worth remembering that it is not always possible to hire employees on the terms of temporary work.

    If in doubt, please get in touch with our representatives. We will provide detailed information and help you adjust the offer to the requirements of a given position. This form of work is an excellent opportunity for the development of young people because it guarantees a flexible schedule and the ability to change the industry and choose the one that best suits our interests or qualifications. Furthermore, the area of our activity is the whole of Poland so that the employee can choose from an extensive offer of advertisements.

    A temporary employment agency abroad as a way to legal and safe employment

    We also operate in foreign markets, where employees can count on perfect employment conditions and good income. First of all, we offer fully legal employment and constant care of a coordinator who will react to problems. Second, we check the integrity of employers cooperating with us to ensure the safe departure of employees. We help organize the necessary formalities, such as visas and various types of work permits abroad. We also plan the transport and accommodation of employees, which significantly improves the logistics of the entire project.

    We invite you to cooperate with the employment agency FOLGA and thus gain a sufficient and reliable space for communication between employers and employees. Then, subscribe to the newsletter and stay updated with job offers or news from the HR sector.